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Waterfront Rome

The city of Rome wanted to create a real landmark with the Waterfront project, as well as a meeting place for young people and their leisure life. With its own architectural connotation of discontinuity, clearly defined and recognizable. The entertainment center is located on an urban plot near the main road and the railroad station, overlooking the surrounding green areas and the sea.


Elements from the maritime environment were used in the architectural design of the building: Sea waves, shells and boat sails. These elements have inspired a structure that curves towards the nearby pine forest, recalling the arch of a wave. The back of this arch visibly traces the periostracum of a shell. With a height of 6 meters, the structure towers above the coastal road and is surrounded by an oasis of green dunes and water surfaces.

The building is intended to host a comprehensive entertainment offer that includes indoor and outdoor areas that can be used for the following purposes: Nightclub, bowling alley, live music, fitness and cultural events. The whole will be supported by a gastronomic establishment on a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea.


Intervention area: 30.000 sqm

Green area: 10.500 sqm

Water area: 8.000 sqm

Event stage: 700 sqm

Indoor disco club: 3.800 sqm 

Outdoor disco club: 1.200 sqm 

Wholesale market: 3.500 sqm

Underground parking lot: 3500 parking spaces