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Born in Rome in 1981, Davide Mezzasalma was surrounded by art and craft from an early age. His interest in art developed in early childhood, when he spent a lot of time drawing. The craftsmanship and work of his father, who ran a hardware store and always built everything himself, was very inspiring for Davide. After graduating from art high school, Davide Mezzasalma decided to study Transportation Design at Coventry University of Art and Design in England. The study was an interesting experience and the first approach to the design world. Davide continued his studies at the European Design Institute I.E.D in Turin. Here Mezzasalma was able to learn from the experience of famous and world-renowned car design studios such as Pininfarina, Giuggiaro and Bertone. After his successful graduation, Davide Mezzasalma worked for several years in the design department of the Italian brand Fiat. After these years in the automotive industry, Mezzasalma decided to take a new path switching to yacht design. Working on large powerboats was the perfect bridge from transportation to the interior design. Approaching interiors led him to start thinking about furniture design and to build up the desire to independently develop his own ideas for interiors. For this reason, he decided to start working as a freelancer in 2009. In addition to the creation of bespoke interior projects, such as bars and retail spaces, Davide Mezzasalma is also involved in architectural design projects, from the reassessment of industrial buildings to the development of new iconic concepts for urban buildings. Since 2012, Davide Mezzasalma established a stong connection with the city of Berlin, where he has been running his own furniture company “Iron Hive” in 2018. Iron Hive” is best known for its special, Red dot award-winning modular shelving systems. His passion for furnishings makes him currently active in the production of customized solutions for private clients and businesses as well as in the development of exclusive designs for the furniture industry.


Davide Mezzasalma’s timeless and minimalist designs are inspired by the beauty and instinct of nature. His concepts are about the balance between functionality and aesthetics. The design should be appealing, synthetic, but reduced to the most important and necessary. The object should not be overlaid by superfluous details, but the core of the object should be the focus of the design. Davide Mezzasalma’s experience in various design fields (transportation design, yacht design, interior design) is the basis of how he approaches his projects and every new challenge.




Refugium #2 – Berlin – May 2016

Naked Objects – Köln – January 2017

Index – Dubai – March 2018

London Design Fair – London – September 2018

Fuorisalone – Milano -April 2019

London Design Fair – London – September 2019