Iron Hive Series

Catalogue 2017

Iron Hive was born from the idea of repetitive geometrical elements that simulate the optical effect and complex polygonal shapes of a beehive structure, as well as that of other natural elements like atoms, cells and crystals.

The goal was to create a modular system that recalls each of these elements in their strongest properties: the rigidity and lightness of a beehive, the flexibility of atoms, and duplicability of cells. The result is a piece of furniture that is organic and structured, delicate and strong, all at the same time.

Single cell with wooden support – SIDE TABLE

The Iron Hive series is composed of individual modules that allow the user to classify, store and “grow” the storage solution as required. With the support of a wooden base, the modules also function well as side or night tables. When the modules are combined, they can form a bookshelf, a sideboard or any furniture desired.

Two cells sized wooden support – SIDEBOARD

Three cells sized wooden support – SIDEBOARD

Modules assembly system 01 – BOOKSHELF

The Iron Hive bookshelf is lightness and stability at its best, with unlimited possible dimensions and configurations

Modules assembly system 02 – BOOKSHELF

The cells can also be assembled in an alternative way to obtain a different visual effect. The base support is predisposed to welcome either assembly solution.

The cells are interconnected by small, yet powerful magnets, which do not interfere with the purity of the form. This also allows for easy assembly by even the most hesitant hands.

The wood supports are also fixed to the modules by magnetic elements integrated in the base.

WOODEN BASE structure for tables and sideboards

The wood bases are available in three sizes: single, double and triple module length. Each support can hold a maximum of two rows of modules.

METAL BASE structure for bookshelf compositions

The metal bases are available in a double and triple module length size. They can be connected together by a magnetic connector to create infinitely larger dimensions.

Each support is equipped with adjustable feet. Minimum height 4 cm / Maximum height 5,5 cm

All the powder coatings have a structured finish to increase the surfaces’ resistance to abrasion and scratching.

Colors and Materials

Blue gray

Pebble gray

Wine red



Multilayered Birch wood

Solid Oak wood

The wood elements are treated with oil and wax-based products to maintain a natural look and ensure a resistant and waterproof surface.

Module assembly combination samples and dimensions

The systems can be stacked safely up to six cells in height (202 cm) on a square bookshelf.
For safety, bigger configurations can be anchored to the wall with the Air Bar, which also allows for the creation independent wall compositions.